Wretched Rhymes

Attention Span

balloon and streamersYour Mama won’t be home til five,
and day care’s closed today.
But I’ll be here all afternoon.
Let’s find something to play.

We’ve gone through all of Fisher Price,
and then we tossed those bags of rice.
The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter gun
shot Death Star troopers and we won.
Next we picked up Jenga pieces,
then we bought Monopoly leases,
dinosaur peg puzzle parts,
crayon book, developing arts.
We had a nice walk around the block.
Flintstone’s Pebbles in Bedrock.
Next was Thomas and his Train,
then we built a Lego plane.
We played checkers,
played with wreckers,
ate a mango.
What’s Ninjango?
Watched TV
then played Wii.

Let’s rest a while, I’m tuckered out.
Let’s wash our hands so clean.
Mom will surely be home soon.
My God! It’s only one fifteen!

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