About me

Photo of The KidThese poems are not written by kids.
These poems are not written for kids.
These poems are not even about kids.
They are about each of us.

Bob has over 100 years experience observing his children and grand-children and their friends and parents and grand parents. He has been acting like a child himself for well over half a century.

He has survived birthday parties, emergency room visits, parent-teacher conferences, dance recitals, graduations (they have graduations from every grade these days – insanity!!), scout campouts, summer camps, lice infestations, numerous pets, driving lessons, soccer games, baseball games, lacrosse, karate, football, hockey, swimming lessons, computer lessons, music lessons, choir, altar boy service, church services, temple, Catholic school, public school, halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, television, bed time, homework, insect bites, broken bones, teething, diapers, potty training, baby sitters, dating, car pooling, oreos, Little Debbie, Big Mac, (ok, I’ll stop) and feels more than justified in commenting on children’s lives.

And, by extension, on our own lives.

So there.

(For now, we’ll do a new poem every Monday)

(…sigh, another unmet dream…)

A new poem twice a week.