Balls Under the Deck

balloon and streamersBalls under the deck are gone!
Gone! From all our lives – withdrawn.
Gone! And from now, on and on,
Never to be seen on the lawn.

Buy another bunch that’s new,
Wal-Mart has more than a few.
That’s what my Dad should do,
what’s another ball or two.

Grandpa says we should not waste,
balls should not, just be replaced.
Crawl under the deck – distaste!
Dirty jobs should just be faced.

This could be a big mistake.
Spiders or a large black snake,
worms or a raccoon could make,
life as we might know it, ache.

First he threw a soccer ball,
(didn’t think that he could crawl).
Next a yellow whiffle ball,
my missing Duck Dynasty call,
tennis net and Barbie Doll,
woolen hat I lost last fall,
purple can of aerosol,
underoos I can’t recall,
and seventy six balls in all.

Gathering, today, on the lawn,
worried with our faces drawn,
called the town sheriff at dawn.
That’s how long Grandpa’s been gone.


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