My Week

balloon and streamersMy weekend days
are filled it seems
with sports I play
on many teams.

I first play short-
stop if I can,
then off to soccer
in the van,

or some kid’s party
at a pool,
and in there, somewhere,
Sunday School.

On Monday practice
swim technique
and Wednesday,
every other week,

and every Tuesday
learn computer
after school with
a special tutor.

On Wednesdays, every
now and then,
and every Thursday,
if I can

I practice baseball
so I know
to catch and hit
the ball, and throw.

I have not mentioned –
every day,
there’s homework before
I can play.

Now, don’t tell dad
and don’t tell mother,
I think they’ve goofed
some way or other.

‘Cause Friday is
an oddity.
I have not one

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