Pandemonium in the Stadium

balloon and streamersMy coach is near the dugout,
and coaches at first and third.
Everyone’s telling me what to do,
and I haven’t heard a word.

The families yell from the bleachers,
my teammates from the bench,
the coach starts waving some hand signals,
that might as well be French.

I see the ball come toward me.
I swing and I connect.
I drop the bat and run toward first,
the coach there has me checked.

He pats me on the shoulder,
and whispers blah blah blah,
I catch my breath and hear a wail,
oh, no, it must be Ma.

I glance in her direction,
and Jerry hits the ball.
The line drive hits me in the ribs.
It’s quiet when I fall.

I’m only out a minute,
a peaceful one, and then,
the coach looks down at me, I hear
the bedlam once again.


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